Thursday, October 31, 2013

Getting Ready for the Holiday's

Holiday Newsletter will be out this weekend with some surprises and information in it about what's Coming Out in the next few months. 

Some surprises will be mentioned in the Newsletter including... shhhh sorry mouth shut on that one and OH is it a biggy! Plus, information about the "New Series" El Camino Raio introducing the King family of El Camino all of which are introduced in Santa Wears Spurs Box Set, available right after the first of November, in Sable's story Breath of Heaven. 

There will also be a reordering of Upcoming Books too as Sable will not only be publishing Not 1 Not 2... Oh I can't say! Again, Sorry! You'll just have to get the Newsletter to find out! Let's just say it's more than you think.

SO, be sure to subscribe to Sable's Sweet Dreams Blog and to Sable's Newsletter to get the latest information on what's to come.