Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Cover Reveal and Now Available for Pre-Order

Now Available for Pre-Order on Amazon
Aron and Libby McCoy became husband and wife. No woman could desire a more perfect love. But tragedy struck... while diving on their honeymoon, Aron does not come up from beneath the blue waters off the Cayman Islands. A massive rescue mission is launched, but the only clues found were his wedding ring and later a shredded wet suit covered in blood. The McCoy family is devastated. Libby is heartbroken - but none of them are willing to give up. At the end of Skye Blue, Noah McCoy receives a phone call from his cousin, Jaxson, that he has spotted a man who is the mirror image of Aron working at a ranch in Northern Mexico. Noah, determined to make his family whole again, takes off with Skye to see for himself. But on the way, he calls their PI, Roscoe, and finds out that there is more at stake - Aron may be alive, but he may be in more danger than the family ever thought possible. 'I'll Remember You' will give the reader a chance to see the whole McCoy clan and friends come together to right a wrong that is tearing apart a family. There is action, adventure, a wedding, babies being born, a Christmas family reunion and enough love and tenderness to make you grab your heart and wish you could be a McCoy.

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