Sunday, September 22, 2013

Facebook Main Halloween Event, Saturday October 26th Starting at 5 pm

Event Cancelled due to the Flu, sorry for the inconvenience 

For Authors, Blog Admins, and Facebook Pages/open groups Only 

Information Not intended for Attendees of the events

  • On the Day of the Event, participants of the Halloween Blog Hop Countdown have the option to also participate on the Main Event that will be on Facebook, Oct. 26th at 5 pm. You'll be able to participate on The Facebook Event Page along with the option to host on your Facebook Fan page for a certain assigned time frame. This time frame will be given on a First Come First Serve Basis and will be finalized closer to the day of the Event, Oct 26th at 5 pm.
  • For Time Slots for the day of the Facebook Main Event please contact Barb 
  • Time Slots are limited for the Facebook Main Event and will fill very fast. Instructions for hosting will be provided when the time slot is finalized.