Saturday, September 21, 2013

Halloween Blog Hop Sign Up and Details


For Authors and Participants in the Blog Hop Only

ANY Genre and HEAT Level Welcome! 

Throughout the month of October (Oct 1 - 26) we will be counting down to our Facebook Event (Oct 26th, 5 pm) that will include actual video footage of some of Sable's favorite haunts! Taken by Sable Herself!! You may see one Jess Hunter in there too. And that's not all! We'll also be having several contest and competitions including Best Costume, Best Decorations, Best Animal Costume, My Ghost Story (Personal Account - 250 words or less), Scariest Ghost Photos, and Best Paranormal Video Footage Authentic unaltered videos and Photos please. These contests will run throughout the month of October until the day of the Event with Winners announced at our Facebook Event hosted by Sable Hunter, Ryan O'Leary and Jess Hunter on Saturday, October 26th at 5 pm. 

All Authors, Bloggers, Facebook Fan Pages and Open Groups are Welcome to Join in on the Event. 

Here are the details:

  • You may sign up for one or more days throughout the countdown. For each day an author, blogger,  Facebook Fan Page, or Open Facebook Group signs up for, you will need to run either a contest or a giveaway offering a prize of some sort along with a Halloween Themed post of some kind. Be sure to include the Day or Days you'll be participating with your Name when you fill out the Add In form below. Ex: Ryan O'Leary - Sat. Oct 26th or Ichabod Crane - Oct 1 thru 15 or Ichabod Crane - Oct 1 & 5 & 26
  • You are more than welcome to add other places to this list. Ex. one of the links can be your Facebook Fan Page that runs Oct 20 - 26th and the other link could be your Blog Page that runs Oct 10-14. So long as you post the dates next to your name you're all set. Ex. Ichabod Crane - Oct 10 - 14 and Ichabod Crane - Oct 20 - 26. You do not have to be present on the day of your participation so long as you have a post for that day along with a contest or giveaway you'll be all set. 
  • Each day you sign up for needs to contain a different post with Halloween Theme of some kind along with the Contest/Giveaway (whether content or Contest/Giveaway is up to you)
  • You must have a Blog, Website, Facebook Fan Page, or Facebook Open Group to run the posts through, but NOT just a Regular Website. Attendees need to be able to place comments under the post. This ensures communication and content generates quickly and easily for the audience and the participants. The sharing option should be included along with encouragement to visit other participant places. Feel Free to utilize the Badges as a form of encouragement on your Blog Website. 
  • Authors, Bloggers, Facebook Pages, and/or Open Facebook Groups are required to provide their Page Badge with a code, so all those who participate can copy them to utilize throughout the Blog Hop. (Don't have a badge? Would you like us to make you one? We can make you a badge, contact Barb for further information)
  • Participants MUST post the Halloween Event Badge on their page from the time of sign-up until the event ends on Saturday, October 26th. 
  • We ask for courtesy. No participant bad mouthing will be allowed. Anyone doing this will be removed from the event. 
  • On the Day of the Event, participants have the option to also participate on the Main Event. The Facebook Event Page along with the option to host on their Facebook Fan page for a certain assigned time frame. This time frame will be given on a First Come First Serve Basis.
  • For Time Slots on the day of the Event please contact Barb Time Slots are limited and will fill very fast. Instructions for hosting will be provided when the time slot is finalized. 
Figure 1: Add your link

How to Sign Up for the Halloween Countdown that runs from Oct 1 - 26th, the more authors per day the better so overlap days as often as possible. At the bottom of this post you'll see the Add your link button (shown next to this text in Figure 1)

Once you Click on this button a box will open asking for your information including: 

- The Name you'd like everyone to see (Author Name, Facebook Page Name, Group Name, etc) include your day or days next to your name. Ex. Ichabod Crane - Oct 1 or Ichabod Crane - Oct 1-5 & Oct 15-20 & Oct 24-26. Each Link you add has only 1 URL so be sure the dates go with the Link you're going to be using on that day or days. 

- Next, copy and Paste the URL that you will be directing people to come to. This will be embedded in the photo you use as your thumbnail (you may notice the thumbnail photos of others). Only 1 URL per Link so if you have more URL's you'd like to use add them! The More the merrier! Just be sure to include your dates and double check that the link works and doesn't require users to sign up to enter or request to be added to participate (That's why Open Group Facebook pages) For example: 1 link is your Website with a day or days and another link could be your Blog page, and another link could be your Facebook Fan page. So that would be 3 links to add to the Blog Hop. 

- Finally, include your email address. No One but us will see these, this is only so we can contact you for additional information or problems when we need to.

Authors really need Badges to make it easier to share their information on other pages. If you need a badge or the coding and directions contact Barb. 

For Facebook Pages or Groups please Use the Halloween Photo Above and Include in a post this information since you can't use the Badge:

Copy and Paste this information into a post and keep it available towards the top of your page or group

We are participating in Sable Hunter's Halloween Blog Hop! Click on the link to see all the participants:

For additional information or questions please contact Barb
Piggybacking by participating in comments or posts for solicitation of your product or work on the Event without actually being a part of the Event including the Blog Hop will not be allowed. We want everyone to participate and have fun, but we ask that you respect the rights of all involved.

Okay, That's It! Long I know but we wanted to make sure it was understood. Most of us this is new and if you've worked with us before you know we go out of our way to make it as easy as possible. Thank you so much for participating and Have Fun. 


  1. Remember to GRAB the Badge and Put it on the page your Participating with so Fans Know you're included in the Blog Hop :)

    1. Remember to enter your Attending Date or Dates next to your Name :)

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